Happy Birthday to ME!!!

Today, was such a great birthday! It started with Ryan letting me sleep in until 9! He made me breakfast too! After we all got ready for the day, I dropped Ryan off for classes, went to Jo Ann's for some crafts, and then we found a FANTASTIC library. This might have been one of the BEST birthday gifts, because I have had a REALLY hard time finding things to do with my kiddos here. Woo Hoo! We checked out about 20 books:)

We then decided to splurge on dinner:) We ended up at the Olive Garden (which is one of my faves). Tortellini, peach tea, and CHOCOLATE CAKE. I LOVE CHOCOLATE CAKE.

Of course I didn't take any pics of today... which I fully inteded on doing.

BUT here are some pics of a few of those great deals I got last week:

 (brown jacket- $12)

 (green 3/4 sleeve jacket- $5)

(orange flutter sleeve top $3)

Not my favorite pics of myself, but it was one of those days where I just couldn't get a good pic of myself. Oh well- cute clothes for me!!! (sometimes I don't know if I am more excited about the clothes, or just the awesome deals I find...)

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